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Learn how to create visually eye catching messages for a placard, social media or any other public forum you want to share your words with! 


We will explore how to say a lot in a little, how to make your messages accessible in a crowd and how to bring your own style to it!

We will be zooming in virtually, with all the participants coming together at sub tropic to experience this together.


All materials supplied

| 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm both days  


|  27th & 28th February 2021

4 sessions available

$30 per ticket, limited spaces

about the artist

Luke John Matthew Arnold is a name hog and a multi-disciplinary visual artist and illustrator.

During Luke’s university days he explored social stereotypes and how words, objects, symbols and colours can be interpreted and challenged, with a strong focus on masculinity and sexuality. During this time he created jewellery, textile sculptures and book art.


He continued to study and landed a job running an art department in a community centre. It was in this new 9-5 lifestyle that his object making came to a grinding halt. Unhappy with this newfound creative repression, he started doodling, developing his camp, pop coloured, crude and at times political illustrations.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, work and create. sub tropic studio pays its respect to local Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging and recognises the strength, resilience and capacity of all Aboriginal

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