James Hornsby

James Hornsby

Workshop : experimental image making

lightbox exhibition

lightbox exhibition

29th - 31st september 2020

Find James at

Find James at

In this workshop James will teach you some of the techniques he uses in his work to create experimental images. Some of these techniques include sourcing materials, painting on card, capturing one of a kind images on the flat-bed scanner, bringing those images to life in Photoshop and using digital techniques to layer and enhance the image.


You will walk away from this workshop with an understanding of how to create unique cameraless images and compositions, and experience in creating an intersection and connection between digital and real life. This is a unique chance to merge both hands-on physical movement with digital capturing and editing processes, and learn from an incredible artist.


If there are particular materials you would love to work with, feel free to bring those, otherwise James will supply card, paints, fabric and other materials to build your work. A laptop and scanner will be provided, but attendees are welcome to bring their own laptops with Photoshop.

10am-12pm   |    29th August 2020 


$30 per ticket, limited spaces

about the artist

James Hornsby is a multi-disciplinary artist known for a distinctive style and approach to photography and art. Merging both physical and digital processes, Hornsby delivers fusion and intersections between hands on labour and digital deformation.


Having a natural attraction to simple contrast and complex layering, Hornsby draws inspiration from an expansive yet focused group of personal and universal themes, including; involvement in youth subculture, climate crisis anxieties, photographic truth, technology reliance, dreams, the digital and real life divide and a desire for accessibility.

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