Refine your painting skills with guidance from Joel Fergie AKA The zookeeper. 


Create an artwork following the principles and techniques Joel uses to develop his works, big or small. 


Use a combination of acrylic and Aerosol paints on a plywood canvas and learn how this small artwork could be upscaled onto a larger mural. 


You will leave inspired with new skills and an artwork. 


All materials supplied. Please wear paint clothes or an apron. 


10 limited tickets. 


Saturday April 24 | 10am-12pm 


To Bring:

Painting clothes or apron

| 10am-12pm

| 24 April 2021

$30 per ticket, limited spaces

about the artist

Joel Fergie also known as ‘The Zookeeper’ is a Brisbane based artist who's large scale artworks span from inner city urban laneways to remote regional communities throughout Central Australia.


His large scale murals found on water towers and grain silos aim to disassemble the routines of daily life. Through nature, his work looks to

bring feelings of positivity to people in public spaces. Exploring visual metaphor, Zookeepers large public works connect a wide variety of

viewers to many social and cultural subjects which are often over shadowed in traditional art forms.


Growing up in Darwin, Northern Territory, an ever present fascination with the Australian wilderness shaped Zookeepers passion for the

environment. Through an adventurous childhood exploring remote communities across northern Australia, Zookeepers art looks to share stories of those which go often under the radar.


As street art expands from urban spaces into regional and remote spaces, The Zoo- keeper looks to explore the impact of this modern art form on those in these unique places.When creating public works, Zookeeper looks to create strong relationships with the people within the communities in which his artworks sit. These relationships are integral in the development of the themes and concepts within his artwork.


When creating an artwork in

public space, Zookeeper looks to develop themes which reflect the people in which these artworks relate. Although not always immediate.

The relationship between an artwork and its community can invariably offer an opportuni- ty for people to work through barriers that often

divide one another. It is this challenge that pushes The Zookeeper to move into uncharted areas.

Check out his work here:

https://joelfergie.com/ or follow him on instagram https://www.instagram.com/_thezookeeper/?hl=en

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