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Learn all the tools and ways to create and make your own digital collages in Procreate.

2 x step by step digital collage tutorials 

Step by Step PDF with shortcuts and tips to take home

Curated Unsplash Imagery to use during the workshop. 


By the end, you will be using the best of Procreate to confidently make your own rad stuff. 


Shyanne Clarke is a digital bandit with a love of 90’s collage and surf culture. 


10 limited tickets. 


Saturday April 24 | 10am-12pm 


To Bring:

Device with procreate installed 

| 10am-12pm

| 15 May 2021

$30 per ticket, limited spaces

about the artist

Shyanne Clarke is a contemporary artist who works in various mediums. Predominately oils, acrylics, charcoal, collage and digital. Clarke is interested in painting interior scenes, exploring how an everyday space can tell a vivid story of a life. Clarke enjoys exaggerating colour, texture and light to illicit reverie. Her pieces generally begin from a feeling whilst observing a space, that she explores digitally before painting.

Learn more about her here:

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